2020 Legislation

CHCA Supports the Following Legislation in 2020

As strong advocates for constituents who value consumer choice regarding health, California Health Coalition Advocacy is pleased to support the following bills in 2020.

AB 888      Opioid prescriptions: information: nonpharmacological treatments for pain. (Low)

AB 1989    Menstrual Products Right to Know Act of 2020. (Garcia) 

AB 2263    Special education: nonpublic, nonsectarian schools or agencies: change in certification status: parental notification. (Weber) 

AB 2762    Cosmetics: safety. (Muratsuchi) 

SB 312       Cosmetic Fragrance and Flavor Ingredient Right to Know Act of 2020. (Leyva)  


Assembly Concurrent Resolution Proposal Relative to Public Health (RN 19 23370) 

This measure would express the need for the laws of the State of California to reflect the following:

  • Importance of the physician-patient relationship 
  • Importance of the concept of informed consent
  • Acknowledgment of ongoing advances in medicine
  • Complexity of approaches to medical care, including the administration of vaccines 
  • Use of precautionary principles when discerning the role of government as it may impact the health of individuals, including determining the appropriateness of providing a medical exemption from immunization requirements