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Attend events in your district and support our Religious Rights Coalition campaign. 

Take Action

As a constituent, your voice is best heard by showing up and developing a positive relationship with your representatives. 

Many legislators will be holding holiday events during the months of November and December. Show up to the events your state legislator is holding and let them know that freedom to make health decisions based on your own research, experience, the advice of your health care professionals, and religious and conscientious beliefs is important to you. 

Go to FindYourRep.Legislatue.CA.Gov to find your representatives. Be sure to sign up for their newsletters and/or call their district office to find out about upcoming events. 

CHCA and our partners need your help as we ramp up the Religious Rights Coalition campaign.

During the last few years, the pandemic policies have brought attention to the need for stronger protections for religious objections of employees and students to required medical interventions. Although courts have struck down some of the bad policies that violate 1st Amendment rights, no decision or law has reinstated the rights of children in California to religious or conscientious beliefs exemptions.

Right now we are working to grow the list of support for the Religious Rights Coalition Statement of Support for Religious and Conscientious Beliefs Exemptions. The statement reads:

Article One of the California Constitution recognizes every person’s “right to the free exercise and enjoyment of religion without discrimination or preference,” describing this right as “liberty of conscience.” I support the rights of families or individuals to make health decisions, without coercion, discrimination, or segregation, based on religious and conscientious beliefs. This includes the existence of religious and conscientious beliefs exemptions from required vaccines, with those exempted retaining the ability to fully access, without onerous restrictions, in-person employment, education, public resources, and any other function of society.

Take time this week to sign the statement and to share it with religious, organization, and school leaders in your community. Click here:

Help bring back the rights of children.

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