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As a donor, you are supporting CHCA efforts to work toward a healthier California through the legislative process. Your generous non-tax-deductible contribution allows us to facilitate change in California through lobbying and grassroots efforts.


As a subscriber to our newsletter, you are kept informed on current issues related to our Mission, Vision, and Commitment. Each session, when legislation is introduced, CHCA will inform you of bills that might impact your health and the health of Californians.


As a volunteer, who wants to improve the health of Californians, you are part of our advocacy team volunteering on a specific state-wide project or on local grassroots efforts. CHCA will connect you with like-minded advocates in your area.


As an ally, who shares our mission, your passion is our passion. Together we can impact the health of Californians by successfully making legislative changes. If you or your organization are interested in being a coalition ally, join today.

Print and Bring CHCA's Legislative Packet to your California Policymakers' District Offices.

California Health Coalition Advocacy

District Visits

Build your positive relationship with your lawmakers with your CHCA Legislative Packet in hand. Included is Legislation currently being presented  by our top lobbyist to potential sponsors, and our Resolution supporting the need for CHCA's Legislation. 

Please consider signing up to be a CHCA Legislative Liaison which includes being available to your assembly and senate district offices for access to information about the CHCA Bill. SIGN UP HERE.

Find your senate and assembly district offices HERE for your District Visit.

Also, following your visits please fill out form below:

Legislative Packet

Each packet includes:

  • Cover Letter
  • Fact Sheet
  • Legislation Language
  • Resolution 
The link below has everything you need to print to put in your CHCA Legislative Packet. If you want, you can also add a "Report Binder" and  Tabs to separate the different items - Video Example

Another option is to print a letter of concern and endorsement  to deliver to your policymaker.


CHCA's "Physician Primacy" bill will: 

  • Protect at-risk children from adverse events from vaccines
  • Protect the physician’s professional judgement in providing medical exemptions for vaccines 
  • Reinstate the authority of the Medical Board of California or the Osteopathic Medical Board of California 
  • Incorporate protections to insure California physicians will write medical exemptions without fear of retribution by the state 


"This measure would express the need for the laws of the State of California to reflect the foundational importance of the physician patient relationship, the importance of the concept of informed consent, acknowledgment of ongoing advances in medicine, the breadth of approaches to medical care, including the administration of vaccines, and the use of precautionary principles when discerning the role of government as it may impact the health of individuals, including determining the appropriateness of providing a medical exemption from immunization requirements."

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Working Together for a Healthier California

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