2022 legislation

CHCA Supported the Following Legislation

SCR 59 Medical interventions: voluntary and informed consent. (Melendez) Sponsored by CHCA

This measure would urge the Legislature and the Governor to take actions to protect Californians’ right to make their own health and medical decisions.

OUTCOME: No hearing granted

AB 1785 California Parents’ Bill of Rights Act (Davies)

Under this bill, the state would recognize certain rights, including, among others, the right of a parent or guardian to make health care decisions and to advise on the moral or religious training of their minor child. This bill would require public schools to provide parents and guardians with opportunities to participate in schools to improve parent and teacher cooperation in areas including homework, school attendance, and discipline.

OUTCOME: No hearing granted 

AB 1809 Nursing Facility Resident Informed Consent Protection Act of 2022. (Aguiar-Curry)

This bill would expands rules to establish a nursing home resident’s right to provide or withhold written informed consent pertaining to the use of psychotherapeutic drugs and the right to be free from chemical restraint. It would specify that residents and their representatives must be informed in writing about the content of black box warnings for proposed drugs and whether the drug’s proposed use has been approved by the FDA.

OUTCOME: Vetoed by governor

AB 1817 Product safety: textile articles: perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). (Ting)

This bill would prohibit, beginning January 1, 2024, any person from distributing, selling, or offering for sale in the state any textile articles that contain regulated PFAS, and requires a manufacturer to use the least toxic alternative when replacing regulated PFAS in textile articles to comply with these provisions.

OUTCOME: Signed into law

AB 2146 Neonicotinoid pesticides: prohibited nonagricultural use. (Bauer-Kahan.)

This bill would would prohibit, beginning January 1, 2024, the sale, possession, or use of these neonicotinoid pesticides except for use on an agricultural plant.

OUTCOME: Vetoed by governor

AB 2771 Cosmetic products: safety.

This bill would prohibit a person or entity from manufacturing, selling, delivering, holding, or offering for sale in commerce any cosmetic product that contains intentionally added perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances PFAS.

OUTCOME: Signed into law

2022 Legislation

CHCA Opposed the Following Legislation

AB 2098 Physicians and surgeons: unprofessional conduct. (Low)

This bill would designate the dissemination or promotion of misinformation or disinformation related to the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, or “COVID-19,” by a physician or surgeon as unprofessional conduct, allowing the Medical Board to take action against such physician or surgeon.

OUTCOME: Amended and signed into law

AB 1797 Immunization registry. (Weber)

This bill would require health care providers and other agencies to disclose immunization information to state information systems, would add the patient’s race or ethnicity to the list of information being disclosed, and would authorize schools, childcare facilities, family childcare homes, and county human services agencies to use the specified immunization information, in the event of a public health emergency, to perform immunization status assessments of pupils, adults, and clients.

OUTCOME: Signed into law

SB 866 Minors: vaccine consent. (Wiener)

This bill would authorize a minor 12 years of age or older to consent to vaccines.

OUTCOME: Pulled by author

SB 1419 Health information. (Becker)

This bill would prohibit the representative of a minor from inspecting the minor’s patient records that relate to certain services.

OUTCOME: Signed into law

SB 1479 COVID-19 testing in schools: COVID-19 testing plans. (Pan)

 This bill would require each school district, county office of education, and charter school to create a COVID-19 testing plan consistent with guidance from the department CDPH.

OUTCOME: Signed into law

SB 871 Public health: immunizations. (Pan)

This bill would add COVID-19 to the list of diseases for which a child must be immunized in order to attend school or daycare. This bill would also remove the personal belief exemption for any additional vaccine requirements added by the California Department of Health.

OUTCOME: Pulled by author

SB 1464 Law enforcement: public health orders. (Pan)

This bill would require sheriffs and peace officers to enforce public health orders rather than allowing them to do so. The bill would additionally prohibit state funds from being provided to any law enforcement agency that publicly announces that they will oppose, or adopts a policy to oppose, a public health order and reallocated those funds to the county public health department of the county in which the law enforcement agency operates.

OUTCOME: Pulled by author

AB 1993 Employment: COVID-19 vaccination requirements. (Wicks)

This bill would require an employer to require each person who is an employee or independent contractor, and who is eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, to show proof to the employer, or an authorized agent thereof, that the person has been vaccinated against COVID-19. This bill would allow for medical and religious exemptions.

OUTCOME: Pulled by author

SB 920 Medical Board of California: investigations: record requests. (Hurtado) OPPOSE UNLESS AMENDED

This bill would authorize a Medical Board investigator to inspect the business location and records of a physician or surgeon, including patient and client records, without the need for patient consent or a court subpoena. This bill would authorize the Medical Board of California to request records and other information from a pharmacist in conducting an investigation of a licensee. Section 3 of SB 920 would expand the voice of complainants by allowing their statements to be considered by the division or board for purposes of adjudicating the case to which the statement pertains.

OUTCOME: Pulled by author

2022 Legislation

CHCA Watched the Following Legislation

AB 2539 Public health: COVID-19 vaccination: proof of status. (Choi)

This bill would require a public or private entity that requires a member of the public to provide documentation regarding the individual’s vaccination status for any COVID-19 vaccine as a condition of receipt of any service or entrance to any place to accept a written medical record or government-issued digital medical record in satisfaction of the condition, as specified.

OUTCOME: Pulled by author

AB 2516 Health care coverage: human papillomavirus. (Aguiar-Curry)

This bill would require a health care service plan contract or health insurance policy to cover the cost of HPV vaccination.

OUTCOME: Vetoed by governor

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