CHCA Letter to California Legislators on COVID-19 Response

PDF of Letter to Legislators

May 1, 2020 Re: CHCA Statement on Handling of COVID-19 Pandemic 

Dear California Legislators, 

California Health Coalition Advocacy recognizes and appreciates the state’s swift response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which prepared hospitals for an influx of infected patients. As with any natural disaster, much of the initial response takes place simultaneously as data is being analyzed. Now that data shows that initial modeling was wrong and that less restrictive means would have had similar outcomes with low risk to Californians, it is time to take actions to correct draconian orders that went too far and adapt mitigation measures based on the new data. 

The state’s approach must take into consideration the unintended consequences associated with a prolonged widespread shutdown, such as rising suicide rates, loss of jobs, supply chain disruptions, and inability to get medical attention for other forms of illness, while still protecting the vulnerable individuals in our state. 

California Health Coalition Advocacy asks you to consider the least restrictive means when evaluating the ongoing COVID-19 response and plans to reopen California, which include a safe and comprehensive middle-ground approach that encourages: 

  • Those who feel sick to stay home, separate, monitor symptoms, seek emergency care if needed. 
  • Infection prevention practices: hand washing, covering coughs and sneezes, sanitizing of commonly touched surfaces. 
  • Protection of privacy when testing and tracking cases. 
  • Informed consent for or refusal of any and all medical interventions including testing. 
  • Future actions be based on rate of hospitalizations rather than broad testing of asymptomatic individuals. 

We thank all the legislators who have provided regular communication with constituents and the public through email and virtual town halls, and we look forward to your continued transparency and attention to California’s needs. 


California Health Coalition Advocacy 

COVID-19 Executive Orders and Legislation 

Governor's Actions on COVID-19

AB 117 Education finance: average daily attendance and timeline waivers: protective equipment and cleaning appropriation: COVID –19.

AB 664 Workers’ compensation: injury: communicable disease.

AB 828 Temporary moratorium on foreclosures and unlawful detainer actions: coronavirus (COVID-19).

AB 860 Elections: vote by mail ballots

AB 1107 Unemployment benefits: temporary additional benefits.

AB 2604 Public health: pandemic protocols.

AB 2644 Skilled nursing facilities: deaths: reporting.

AB 2887 Statewide emergencies: mitigation.

AB-3216 Employee leave: authorization: coronavirus (COVID-19).

AB 3224 Local health department workforce assessment.

SB 89 Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review. Budget Act of 2019. This bill would amend the Budget Act of 2019 by appropriating $500,000,000 from the General Fund to be used for any purpose related to the Governor’s March 4, 2020 proclamation of a state of emergency. Signed into law on 3/17/20.

SB 117 Education finance: average daily attendance and timeline waivers: protective equipment and cleaning appropriation: COVID–19. Signed into law on 3/17/20.

SB 915 Mobilehome parks: emergency relief: coronavirus (COVID-19).

SB 926 Business: retail locations: cash payments.

SB 932 Communicable diseases: COVID-19: data collection.

SB 939 Emergencies: COVID-19: evictions.

SB 943 Paid family leave: school closures: COVID-19.

SB 980 Privacy: genetic testing companies: COVID-19 testing.

SB 1088 Homelessness: domestic violence survivors.

SB-1159 Workers’ compensation: COVID-19: critical workers.

SB 1196 Price gouging.

SB 1276 The Comprehensive Statewide Domestic Violence Program.

SB 1322 Remote Online Notarization Act.

SB 1383 Employees: time off.

SB 1410 Rental assistance: COVID-19 Emergency Rental Assistance Program.