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CHCA Sign-On Letters

Californians are losing their civil liberties, right to refuse, and exemptions. Please sign and share these sign-on letters. Join CHCA in working to protect the freedom of Californians to make health decisions based on their own research, experience, advice of their health care professionals, and religious and conscientious beliefs.

Civil Liberties During Emergencies and Infectious Disease Outbreaks

We are gathering support for our proposed legislation that we believe brings a balance between public health and the rights of individuals to make their own medical decisions.

Religious and Conscientious Belief Exemption

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 grants employees in every state the right to religious accommodations to vaccines that are required as a condition of employment, but this protection is not currently extended to children who attend public and private schools in California.

We believe that vaccination status based on sincerely held beliefs should not be used to exclude students from in-person education.

Higher Education Beliefs Exemption

All California residents should have access to higher education without the infringement of their fundamental right to make their own health care decisions.